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Cydia Extender - Cydia Impactor 0.9.39 Status

Basically Cydia Extender is a segment of Cydia Impactor. As in it is a part of the most recent Cydia Impactor release. And also Cydia Extender installs as its individual application on iOS devices such as iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch. Cydia Extender has been designed to re-sign automatically to the applications that are not downloaded from the original app store. The main feature of Cydia Extender is that when it signed in to an application, it remains signed in for the rest of the time. So you can quickly sign-in to an app automatically whenever you want.


This is what we have to say about how this tool going to work. Actually Cydia Extender cannot be used by every iPhone user. If you want this on your device, then having a paid developer account is essential. Then only you will be able to experience the magical things that Cydia Extender does on the device. Which means you not allowed to install the application without a paid developer account.

Cydia Extender Download - Cydia Impacter 0.9.39


It is necessary to focus on Mr. Freeman because he is the one who developed and release this tool for jailbreakers. Let’s see what SauriK has to say on his latest Cydia Extender tool.

Due to the senseless secondary method that uses for installation procedure, Cydia Extender requires a paid developer account. This is the only way you can install this tool. Actually SauriK did not had any idea about this restriction that people had to face. The issue of having a developer account was found by a user and reported it. That is how SauriK got to know about this problem. But at that time he was already released Cydia Extender tool for public. So this remains as a tool only for the use of developers. Right now we are unaware about the future of Cydia Extender tool. But we seriously hope this tool will be updated in the future.


There is no any interesting changes though it declares error fixes of SSL credential verification which was reported by the users. Lots of users are try to download Cydia Impactor because they want to install Pokemon Go hack as a method of an IPA file to their devices (android) and you already know that IPA files are only for the devices that running iOS system. If you are using Windows then you may require to install a driver on your device to interact with your Android device with the help of USB. If the device did not get detected, use the scan feature of Cydia Impactor’s USB driver so you can try to build and install a driver for your device so you won’t be asked for the android SDK to use Impactor.

For iOS running devices, even if you use Windows or macOS, you must have to install iTunes on your device. Then only Cydia Extender will work.

To update the tool, click on “Check for updates” that appears under the impactor menu. And also the tool will pop-up messages once a new version releases.

Cydia Extender - New Cydia Impacter Video Tutorial


Developer of this amazing tool of Cydia Extender is Mr. Jay Freeman. He is the creator of Cydia app as well as the Jailbreak tool. Which is why Freeman is known as the father of jailbreaking. But in the jailbreak community, he is famous as “Saurik”, all the credits of Cydia Extender goes to him and to his team.